Layer Cake Challenge

Layer Cake Challenge – Sew Day!

Where: The Presser Foot When: Thursday 8/21 from 9 to 6ish

Bring your favorite layer cake (or just one you are ready to have out of your stash 😉), or the Guild will provide you one, just let Sheila B know.

This will be a free sew day! You are welcome to work on your own project or work in groups. Not sure what you want to make, but want to participate, sign up! We will provide layer cake pattern book, layer cakes, and plenty of ideas if you don’t know what you want to do. We will have a limited amount of white, cream, and grey fabric you can use to enhance your tops.

We will also be providing kits to make a DIY Heating/Cooling pad for your neck and shoulders. We’d love for you to make one to donate and one to take home! Let Sheila know if you would like to participate and how many so we can ensure we have enough for everyone!

Kits will be available in the Bin on Sheila’s porch (or delivery can be arranged) if you prefer not to be in person!

If you are not ready to get out and about but want to participate, we will have Zoom available.

Don’t want to participate in the sew day but would still like to participate in the challenge? There are still layer cakes available, and more are coming! They can be picked up on Sheila’s porch, or let her know and we can arrange delivery.

Can’t participate in this sew day, never fear, we will have an additional sew day. Sign up by contacting Sheila at, or 303-775-5799 or by registering on the Guild Website.

Register for the Layer Cake Challenge Sew Day

Layer Cake Challenge Sew Day at The Presser Foot - Aug. 21