Member Websites

We have so many talented guild members, some of which have their own websites. The Longmont Quilt Guild is proud to support them by sharing links to those websites with you here. If you’re a current member of the Longmont Quilt Guild and would like us to add a link to your website, contact our Webmaster at and we’ll gladly add your site below.

Kat Kavanagh
Kat Kavanagh is a longarm quilter who lives in Longmont. Kat uses a computerized Innova Quilting Machine which can quilt large quilts up to 120 inches wide. She work at Lyons Quilting where quilts can be dropped off or picked up. Her website is


Kim Waite
Kim Waite is a longarm quilter who lives in Mead. She runs Dream Catchers Quilting out of her home, and offers a wide variety of quilting services on her two Gammills with Statler Stitchers. For more information, photos of Kim’s work, and pricing, visit her website at