Quilt Show

The Longmont Quilt Guild will NOT be hosting it’s annual Quilt Show at the Boulder Fairgrounds Barn A in Longmont, Colorado for 2020.

We all mourn the canceling of the in-person show, but we are glad to announce there will be an alternative. The annual quilt show usually held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in October has been cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions. The board has explored several alternatives, and chose the most viable option, which is a virtual show.
The virtual show will allow us to be more flexible and open some new possibilities that aren’t available in a traditional show. Therefore we have made a few changes, including rules and categories. If you are trying to decide if you are going to submit, reading below may inspire you:


1. You can submit ANY quilt from ANY time in your quilting history as long as you have photos! You don’t have to have it in your possession.
2. Even if you submit a quilt to this virtual show, you can still submit it to the next in-person show that we have.
3. One quilt entry per person, unless you are submitting to the 2020 Challenge Category, and then you may submit a quilt in addition to the challenge quilt, for a total of two submissions.
4. There will NOT be voting or judging of any kind.
5. Do you have a friend or family member for whom you made masks who might be willing to donate to the quilt guild that supported making over 10,000 masks and every year donates and makes between 100 and 200 charity quilts every year for people in need, veterans, children’s hospital and cancer treatment and survival? send them the Facebook link, even if you don’t have a quilt in it.
6.. Remember, this is our first time doing this, so we are not sure what works and what doesn’t, so please reach out if you are having issues/need assistance.
7. EMAILS WITH PHOTOS DUE BY OCTOBER 15TH.  We are aiming for a show by December 1st.

8.  Last, but not least, here is the list of categories, if you need a clarification on the category, descriptions will be on the website. Otherwise, don’t over thinking it. since there is no judging, there is no pressure about which category it best fits.

2020 Quilt Show Categories (revised for virtual show)
Traditional – Any sized quilt made with traditional piecing methods, using traditional block designs, and may be original design or from a pattern.
Paperpieced – Any sized quilt made using this method, may be original design or from pattern
Modern – Any size quilt that uses non-traditional forms of piecing and blocking. May be original or pattern.
Patriotic – Quilts using patriotic themed fabric, any size, original or pattern
Art – Any size, that is completely original design. May not be based on a pattern or kit.
Applique – Any size, may be original or pattern that in some way utilizes this method. Hand or Machine.
Hand Quilted – Any size, may be original or pattern, may be machine pieced, but quilting must be done by hand.
Holiday – Any size quilt, may be original or pattern, themed for any holiday, utilizing any construction method
Baby quilt – Any size quilt, may be original or pattern, themed or made for the intent of use for a baby.
2020 Challenge – Any size quilt, must be an original design, utilizing any method to interpret whatever the phrase “2020”  means to you


Email the following to Alison Doberstein and Sheila Kaufman  at quiltshow@longmontquiltguild.org Subject: Quilt Show Entry 2020:
Reminder one entry only per person, unless you are submitting to the 2020 Challenge Category, then you may submit another quilt as well.
Must be submitted by October 15th.
1.Your name and contact info
2. Names of piecers and quilters
3.Name of pattern or kit  used if applicable
4. Name of quilt
5. Category from the new list posted here.
6 (Optional)  A SHORT write-up on the quilt. This can describe your process, inspiration, challenges, meaning…anything at all as long as it is BRIEF.
7.We will need 2-3 photos of the quilt, some close up of detail work and some of the full quilt. If you are having trouble attaching them to the email OR if you are having trouble taking them at all, please include your request for accommodation/help. If your cell phone takes good photos, texting the photos separately may be an option.
If you have any questions, email Alison Doberstein and Sheila Kaufman  at quiltshow@longmontquiltguild.com.

Click here for instructions on how to add a hanging sleeve to your quilt. (not required for virtual show, but still good information)

If you have questions about the show, please feel free to contact Sheila Kauffman, Quilt Show Co-Chair.