2020 Quilt Show – Baby

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Baby quilts can be made in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors, but the biggest thing that sets them apart is their size! Standard baby quilt sizes are 30×30 inches, 30×40 inches, and 36×52 inches. 36×52 fits perfectly over most cribs, while smaller quilts are great for newborns and can later be used as a play mat. More than anything, baby quilts are made to be comfy and warm, and full of love!

Dream of Color

Pieced and bound by: Andrea Bechberger
Quilted by: Andrea Bechberger
Pattern: “Postcard from Sweden” by Jeli Quilt

This quilt was selected and given to me by my, then expecting, son and daughter in law, for Mothers Day.  The kit utilizes a variety of colors from the Kona collection.  I used an Amelia Scott edge to edge quilt embroidery design for the quilting.  As I worked on this quilt it was fun to dream of my new grandson’s arrival and know this quilt would become a part of his new nursery.

Tweet Tweet Two

Pieced and bound by: Gail Fossman
Quilted by: Gail Fossman
Pattern: Original Design

I designed this quilt using leftover four patches and background bird fabric from my granddaughter Eleanor’s big girl bed quilt. Border fabrics were found at a shop on the way home from the American Quilt Study Group Seminar last fall in Lincoln NE. it is a Quilt-in-Waiting – waiting for another baby somewhere in the family.

My first Quilt

Pieced and bound by: Teresa Creech
Quilted by: Teresa Creech
Pattern: Ohio Star

My first quilt was a gift for my 9 month old daughter. Over the years she wore it out beyond the point of repair. So I asked Paula Kanner to give it a new life as a teddy bear, complete with a secret trinket pocket. The photo of the quilt is the only one I have, taken shortly after I finished the quilt in 1986. Looking at the photo reminds me of how much I’ve learned about quilting since then.


Pieced by Becky Schwendeman
Quilted by Phoebe Roth
Pattern: Elephant and I by Jennifer Sampou

This was a baby quilt for my grandson. My son and bonus daughter spent a year in Malawi and had encounters with elephants so it was fun to sew this sweet quilt for their son.

Mama and I

Pieced by Becky Schwendeman
Quilted by Donna Smith
Pattern: E is for Elephant by Piper’s Girls

I made this sweet mama and baby quilt for my granddaughter. Both grandchildren have elephant quilts.

Butterflies for Junia

Pieced by Eileen Hayes
Quilted by Eileen Hayes
Pattern: Baby Jump Rings from Baby Block, Vol 5 Issue 1 2018 – Missouri Star Quilt Company

This quilt was made for my fiddle teacher’s baby daughter Junia.  The butterfly fabric was so beautiful.  There are also butterflies quilted in the center of the blocks.