2020 Quilt Show – Challenge

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Every year the quilt show committee challenges members to create quilts according to a theme. This year, in January 2020, we challenged members to interpret what ‘2020’ meant to them. We expected quilts on numbers, on mirrored pairs, on vision…we did not know that 2020 would forever be synonymous with pandemic and large cultural and themes. As you will see the results were not what we could have predicted.

March 2020 Quarantine

Pieced and bound by: Tracy Ellyn
Quilted by: Tracy Ellyn
Original Design; Tracy Ellyn

The 2020 quilt represents me and my 20 year old cat and how I was feeling at the time. It is my final rendition of her – she passed not long after. “Kismet” was very special, and I was blessed to have her.


2020 Challenge

Pieced and bound by: Cindy Maricle
Quilted by: Cindy Maricle
Original Design; Cindy Maricle - 20 squares 20 circles. Machine appliqué. Machine quilted

With 2020 challenge theme, I was inspired to divide the number into 20 squares (which would be easy to piece!) Then thinking that adding 20 circles would make it a 2020 quilt. Used batiks in light to dark range and wanted a bit of a modern feel, so used black and white circles. Finally, added the bit of sparkle in the circles so the eye would follow the design. Quilted circles and added the straight line edge quilting to finish.

2020 Challenge

Pieced by Cathy Duncan
Quilted by Cathy Duncan
Original Design by Cathy Duncan
I came across this quote  by R W Emerson and then found this Have A Heart pattern. I knew with everything going on in the world and for me personally that this was my vision for 2020, and the 2020 Challenge

Just Vote!

Pieced and bound by: Liz Lord
Quilted by: Liz Lord
Original Design; Liz Lord

This small piece (12 X12″) is part of the Bee Artful challenge.  Just Vote comes from the national frustration and concern about voting safely in this presidential election.  Voting is a responsibility as well as a right yet many people continue to pass on their opportunity to vote.  Many thanks to the Bouder County Elections office for access to a ballot envelope a few weeks ago.

Mask Up

Pieced and bound by: Susan Harmon
Quilted by: Susan Harmon
Original Design: Susan Harmon

A photo of a young, exhausted but determined medical worker with a challenging gaze provided the the inspiration for this quilt. I used fabric paint for the face, gelli prints for the words and part of an antique quilt for the background.


Pieced and bound by: Nancy Clair
Quilted by: Nancy Clair
Original Design: Nancy Clair

“2020 Challenge Quilt”….This says it all!!

Longing for Travel in the Time of the Virus

Pieced and bound by: Mary Ison
Quilted by: Mary Ison
Original Design: Mary Ison

For me, 2020 will be the year of the lost trips.  My husband and I were fortunate in many ways this year, including staying close to our family and friends, but couldn’t complete the plans we’d made for several exciting trips.  I took some solace in making this quilt which was inspired by my 2013 photograph of Bellagio, Italy.  As it progressed. it became less about that scenic town and more of a celebration of the very idea of travel itself, something that we lost as the virus took over our lives.


Pieced and bound by: Collette Morton
Quilted by: Collette Morton
Original Design: Collette Morton

This quilt represents 2020 to me because it is random and crazy. The strips are not a uniform size and there is no color pattern. This quilt is so unlike me and my normal aesthetic. I’m a type A personality and like order and predictability. In my quilts I like uniformity and precision The pandemic has made everything about 2020 Crazy.

2020 Reflections

Pieced and bound by: Shelley Johnson
Quilted by: Shelley Johnson
Original Design: I used 20 block designs from Tula Pink's book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks (a nod to my fellow Bee Modern members.)

2020 has been unforgettable and now some of my reflections are captured in perpetuity with this project. Starting with the arrival of the coronavirus which led to a toilet paper shortage, quarantining, hand-washing, and mask making. We also experienced a noticeable miller moth migration, a lengthy wave of racial unrest and the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Since the wildfires were a notable event, I represented them with my quilt backing. I’m glad I stopped at 20 blocks…the year could have been a lot worse. Onward!

...Or Not

Pieced and bound by: Diane Arnett
Quilted by: Diane Arnett
Design:The pieced blocks and saying are from a kit from "Cottage Bliss" in Estes Park back in 2017.

When I found the map of Rocky Mountain National Park I decided to combine it with a kit from “Cottage Bliss” that states my sentiment exactly.. “When the mountains call… I go to Estes Park.”
Then 2020 came and everyone and everything was shut down.
Thus the “…Or Not” title.