2021 Quilt Show – Challenge

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Every year the quilt show committee challenges members to create quilts according to a theme. This year, in January 2020, we challenged members to interpret what ‘2020’ meant to them. We expected quilts on numbers, on mirrored pairs, on vision…we did not know that 2020 would forever be synonymous with pandemic and large cultural and themes. As you will see the results were not what we could have predicted.

New Leaf, Old Leaf, Blue Leaf, BOLD Leaf

Pieced By Janice Johner
Quilted By Janice Johner

This art quilt was inspired, first of all, by the Gelli Plate Printing on fabric project of my Bee Artful group. I enjoyed learning this technique for transferring leaf shapes and textures to fabric using paint as the medium. Then I found Anja Townrow’s pattern for foundation-pieced leaves in the Fall 2002 issue of American Quilter magazine, and I knew I could create this quilt! Last but not least, I have always enjoyed the poetic rhyming of Dr. Seuss, and what better way to express our need to be BOLD (in color and otherwise) as we face the future.

Luna Llenas de Otoño - Full Moons of Autumn

Pieced and bound by: Sara L. Broers Brown
Quilted by: Sara L. Broers Brown

The life of a tree is a cycle in a year. The changes in the leaf colors mark the passing of time and the meld from one season to the next. The moon does this as well as it orbits the earth. “Luna Llenas de Otoño” has a full moon shining through the falling leaves of autumn and a half moon on the rise to emulate this passing on the season in lunar time. The quilt is freeform pieced on a domestic machine while embellishments were completed by hand. Original design by S. L. Broers Brown

One Leaf Three Ways

Pieced and bound by: Debra Stebbins
Quilted by: Debra Stebbins

This small quilt is my first attempt at hand embroidery in combination with machine raw edge applique. Hence, this is turning over a new leaf for me. Had not attempted either of these techniques together

Fresh Start, Something New

Pieced By Debra Hartman
Quilted By Debra Hartman

Make a fresh start, try something new! Using a new technique called applique inside the lines, along with the Hawaiian- style design, I felt was the perfect way to show case both my love of embroidery and wool applique. The pattern is from Carol Armstrong’s book, Applique Inside the Lines. This past summer two Bee groups, Bee Edgy and Embroider Bee, joined together to create a group project. Each of us were challenged to pick a design from Carol Armstrong’s book and create a small wall hanging. It was a lot of fun and some beautiful quilts were made.