2020 Quilt Show – Hand Quilted

Category: Hand Quilted

Most modern quilts are pieced and quilted using machines. The quilts in this category were done by hand. Some quilts were pieced by machine, but quilted by hand. Others were done completely by hand. Practitioners of hand-quilting site more than a wish to follow traditional methods. Hand-quilting can be meditative and therapeutic.  Plus it is portable and great for long waits in airports or an activity while watching TV!









































Hand pieced by: David Gonzalez
Hand quilted by: David Gonzalez
Original Design

This quilt is totally hand sewed, no machine ever touched it. I made it for my partner as an anniversary gift. I was inspired by a pattern that she had drawn. This is the second quilt I have ever made and I worked practically every day for 10 months. It was one of the most difficult pieces of art I have ever made.

You’re My Cup of Tea

Pieced and hand appliqued by:Ruth A. Lindhagen
Hand quilted by:Ruth A. Lindhagen
Design: From pattern

I made this quilt for my mother who collected tea cups. Her tea cups were arranged on wooden shelves very similar to this quilt pattern. When I saw this pattern I knew it was the perfect quilt to make for her. It is her favorite quilt.

Reproduction Creation

hand Pieced by:Beth Couch
Hand quilted by:Beth Couch
Design: Beth Couch

I am teaching myself to quilt and I learned a lot doing this project. It is far from perfect, but I love the reproduction fabrics. The binding is made of two inch squares and the whole quilt was done by hand.

Alie and Keith's Wedding Quilt

hand Pieced by: Jan Timmons
Hand quilted by: Jan Timmons
Pattern "Diamonds and Pinwheels" taken from The Little Book of Little Quilts by Katharine Guerrier.
My daughter Alison chose this design from a book. It was the first quilt that I made, or should I say started. The entire queen-size quilt is made of half-square triangles. I was a new quilter and had no idea how challenging this quilt would be. To complicate things, the original pattern was for a 42 in. sq. quilt. I had to expand the pattern to a queen-size quilt.
I originally planned it for her high school graduation. It wasn’t finished. So I was going to give it to her for her college graduation. However, I still had not finished quilting it. I did manage to finish it for her wedding to Keith. All I can say is that it was made with love.

Hand Pieced by: Jeni Overbey
Hand quilted by: Jeni Overbey
Design: Jeni Overbey

The back is Halloween fabrics, and is a big 9-patch. The front was a mystery quilt I did years ago, in greens and yellows.

Hand Pieced by: Paula Ball
Hand quilted by: Paula Ball