2021 Quilt Show – Modern

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Quilt may be constructed by machine or by hand, quilting may also be completed by machine or by hand quilting.  While many Modern quilts utilize only solids that is not a requirement.  Modern quilting is often defined by large negative spaces, ‘blowing apart’ or deconstruction of traditional quilting blocks. May be pattern, kit, or original design. All sizes are included.  Quilts may not be larger than 110” x 110”.



   Pieced By     Sharon G. Visser

                           Quilted By   Teresa Pusztai


After another quilter completed cutting all the pieces for her new quilt I asked if I could have the leftovers. Twenty-four different colors, all solids. She agreed and I took home pieces of fabric that were 42 inches long and .5 to 1.5 inches wide. That meant that I needed to make something that required very slender piecing from beginning to end. I began with Kaffe’s “Crazy Squares”. And you can see the end product…I hope you like it. It is a modern version of a “scrap quilt”.


Beauty in Blue

               Pieced By     Becky Schwendeman

Quilted By   Donna Smith


This New York Beauty quilt pattern was a challenge for my Modern Quilt small group in Oklahoma in 2015. We made 2-3 blocks a month using Kaffe fabrics with 1 solid in each block. At the end of the year, the challenge was to put the blocks together in a quilted project. I finally finished mine in 2020.

Winter Knit

Pieced By     Sheila Boettcher

Quilted By    Donna Smith



I’m a sucker for a red and white quilt, and love how simple, yet striking this pattern is. Looking forward to snuggling under this quilt in on a cold night with the fireplace glowing. Pattern is Knitted Stars (available on Etsy).


Pieced By     Alison Doberstein

Quilted By   Alison Doberstein


As a gift for my best friend on her 40th birthday, I designed this quilt to represent her at the center and each ray represent events in her life that make up the marvelous whole that is her.

Interpolations 3

Pieced By     Kathryn Welch

Quilted By   Pat Harrison


This was a kit from Helen Howes Textiles using Oakshott Reds and Oakshott Lipari fabrics. The Lipari in grey, has a shimmering effect. The pattern was basic and left the width and length of the star point up to the quilter. I added batik fabric centers that complement the reds in the star points.

Modern Amish


Pieced By     Jan Antranikian

Quilted By   Checkbook



I took a “modern quilt” workshop with my guild in Georgia, Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild. I chose to use some good old fashion Amish colors for a bit of juxtaposition. A nod to my Mennonite roots.

Rusty Squares

Pieced By     Becky Schwendeman

Quilted By   Becky Schwendeman



The LQG Modern Bee’s 2019 challenge was to make 9 blocks from an Alison Glass print using any of the 18 blocks chosen from Tula Pink’s “100 Modern Quilt Blocks” book. My color was rust. Since we weren’t able to have a block exchange, we used our own blocks to create a small modern quilt.

Grandma’s Modern Garden

Pieced By     Collette Morton

Quilted By    Dawna’s Designs


This is my first mystery quilt. It was called Best of the 60’s and was designed by Michelle Renee Hiatt. Each of the 24 clues was a song from the 60’s. It has 1780 pieces.