2020 Quilt Show – Modern

Category: Modern

Modern quilts take the foundations created by traditional quilting and ‘blow them apart’. You may recognize some block shapes but they are used in ways not seen in traditional quilting. These quilts are often characterized, but not always, by use of solid colors, blank spaces, and heavy quilting.

Pieced and bound by: Paula Ball

Modern Diamonds

Pieced and bound by: Sandi Harmon
Quilted by: Sandi Harmon
Original Design

I made this quilt for a wedding gift using scraps from many previous quilts then choosing the background. I ran out of background fabric and kept ordering more but I couldn’t match the color until I realized I had used the wrong side of the fabric as the front!

Showering Stars

Pieced by: Nancy Grabowski
Quilted by: Donna Smith
Design: Robin Pickens

I saw this pattern and knew my daughter would love it, especially in purple and batiks. Donna put wool and cotton batting in it and quilted it with a star pattern. Queen size quilt.

Northern Lights

Pieced and bound by: Nancy Grabrowski
Quilted by: Donna Smith
Pattern: Northern Lights by Jaybird Quilting
I made this quilt to honor my physicist daughter who spent several months at the South Pole studying the Southern Lights, hence the renaming of the quilt. The most challenging task of this quilt is the hours spent cutting out all the pieces of fabric.  Donna’s custom quilting is amazing. She used a different pattern in every color strip. My daughter absolutely loves it.

Slightly Inebriated Flying Geese

Pieced by: Teresa Creech
Quilted by: Teresa Creech

This quilt is one of my homework projects from The Language of Color and Design, a 12 month class taught by Heather Thomas. I learned a lot that year and even managed to finish a few of the assignments.

The Jelly Roll Racer Quilt

Pieced and bound by: Donna Mae Norris
Quilted by: Donna Mae Norris
Pattern: Donna Mae Norris
I designed this quilt and I did teaching on both of them for many years all over Colorado. I still have the pattern for them. I did the piecing on both of these and I did the quilting on both of them using my domestic machine. I also did the binding on both of them.

Modern Crazy Quilt

Pieced by: Sharon Visser
Quilted by: Sharon Visser

For this quilt I accidently landed on a tutorial on Pinterest which said how to do this. Just for a fling I ran to my very crazy and unorganized stash, picked out a bunch at random and out came this quilt. For the border I refused to spend money and so I looked high and low and found this red dotty fabric. It was quilted by Sofia in Berthoud. I sold it to a woman in San Diego. I guess she liked its craziness.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Pieced by: Alie Doberstein
Quilted by: Alie Doberstein
Original Design by Alie Doberstein

This is my second bed quilt and I designed it myself. The yellow diamonds remind me of kites flying through the air, so hence the title from the Mary Poppins song. With the quilting, I made the stitching that looks like swirls of wind and clouds. I included birds and dragons in the clouds just to practice my quilting and add some whimsy!