2020 Quilt Show- Patriotic

Category: Patriotic

This category features quilts made with fabrics that contain the colors of the United State flag, military logos, camouflage colors, or other patriotic prints.  The majority of these quilts are made to honor veterans for their service to our country. Bee Sew Brave is a group within the Guild that focuses their efforts on making and presenting patriotic quilts to veterans.

Radiating Star

Pieced and bound by: Marie Powell
Quilted by: Marie Powell
Pinterest Design

Our Bee Sew Brave bee had a challenge to use this star block anywhere on the front of the quilt. You could make the star any size and repeat any number of times. I found a picture of the star on Pinterest. It was just the star so I had to figure out sizes to piece, and how to make it radiate. It was definitely a challenge for me, but I learned a lot. The background fabric looks like parchment paper with parts of the Constitution on it. It even has signatures that are legible. The backing is also made up of the same Constitutional fabric. This quilt will be given to a deserving veteran as a “Thank You” for their service.

A Kaleidoscope of Stars

Pieced by: Von Yetzer
Quilted by: Von Yetzer

This quilt was made to honor a wounded warrior participating in the Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (CAMO) week, held annually in Estes Park, CO.  The week consists of many winter sport activities, adapted to meet each Warrior’s special needs.  The fun thing about this pattern was that once the blocks were made, they could be positioned in three different ways.  Choosing the final quilt layout was a tough decisions, but I’m happy with the way this turned out.  More importantly, the recipient loved it!

Patriotic Stars

Pieced by: Dana Thompson
Quilted by: Gail Fossman
Pattern: Bee So Brave challenge block

I made several of the challenge blocks and Then figured out the design. I decided I needed one more block so I made one out of scraps from the other blocks but it was smaller so I added borders and made it the center block. After I put all the blocks together and added the outer borders and corner stones I decided the corners were to plain so I made the pinwheels out of more scraps and decided to appliqué them on instead of taking the corner stones apart! I really like the finished product and I hope whoever gets it will enjoy it for many years.

Stars and Diamonds in a Sunflower field

Pieced by: Sharon Kaiser
Quilted by: Donna Smith

I created this quilt based on a challenge  pattern chosen by the Bee Sew Brave bee.  I chose the fabrics for a “homecoming feeling” for our Veterans.  Donna Smith made the quilt “pop” by quilting with an all sunflower design.

Honoring Dad

Pieced by: Terry Hellmer
Quilted by: Terry Hellmer

My father retired in 1967 as a Colonel in the US Army. He joined in 1944 as a paratrooper in the WWII European Theatre. He was a Captain in Korea. He went to Vietnam where he designed the radio communications network for the ground troops for which he won a Presidential Commendation. He also served during the Cold War at Strike Command. He died in 1990 at the age of 66 to an illness related to Agent Orange. This quilt is to honour my father’s courage and commitment to his family and to his country. I sewed the hexi’s and diamonds by hand then machine pieced and quilted it.

All American Stars and Stripes

Pieced by: Debra Hartman
Quilted by: Debra Hartman
Designer: Lisa Sutherland

I pieced and quilted this quilt as a tribute to my father, in recognition of his service to our country. He spoke very little about his time in the Navy; however, I think he would be very honored to know that I made this quilt for him. My dad never received a Quilt of Valor, but he certainly deserved one.

With Love

Pieced by: Diane Arnett
Quilted by: Diane Arnett
Pattern: "Full Bloom"

I made this quilt for my daughter-in-laws parents who lost their son, Albert Duckworth, in Jan 2020 after serving our nation for 18 years.

Let Freedom Ring!

Pieced by: Wenda Lewis
Quilted by: Wenda Lewis
Pattern: Wenda Lewis

Let Freedom Ring!

Pieced by: Paula Ball
Quilted by: Paula Ball
Pattern: Paula Ball