2020 Quilt Show – Traditional Category

Category: Traditional

“Traditional quilts” typically incorporate well-known block designs that have been handed down through time, some for hundreds of years. They can be simple or more complex designs but usually repeat to create a uniform pattern. Some examples are:  9-patch, log cabin, Dresden plate, and churn dash. If it reminds you of your grandma, odds are it’s in the traditional category.


Pieced and bound by: Cathy Kessinger
Quilted by: Cindy Mueller
Kit: Radiance, a Project House 360 quilt pattern
Quilt Size: 100 x100 inches

I made this quilt for my daughter, Margaret, for her graduation on 16 May 2020 from the University of Colorado in the Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology program with a Bachelor of Arts degree. They held a virtual graduation ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re very proud of her! Now she’s off to graduate school at the Colorado School of Public Health in Ft. Collins.

Blue Diamonds

Pieced and bound by: Sharon Visser
Quilted by: Sharon Visser
Original Design

I designed this quilt using graph paper. The fabric is from men’s 100% cotton shirts that I found at thrift stores. Using men’s shirts can be interesting because there is no WOF to guide the cutting. I sold it in my Etsy store and lucky for me…my sister bought it. To me it has a soft, soothing, appeal.

Pumpkin Pie

Pieced and machine quilted by Debra Hartman
Design: Pumpkin Pie by Laundry Basket Quilts, Edyta Sitar

Pumpkin Pie was the first quilt I pieced when I moved from Massachusetts to Colorado. While I was working on it I saw that some of the fan blades were pieced together in half circles, to me they resembled the capital letter C. I thought that was quite appropriate for my first quilt finish here in Colorado. I love the combination of traditional prints mixed with batiks. This quilt hangs above my fireplace and is one of my favorites!

Big Orange

Pieced by Collette Morton
Quilted by Donna Smith
Pattern: October Sky by Cathy Wierzbicki

For several years, I want to make a fall colors quilt, so I collected lots of orange and yellow fabrics. When I saw this pattern, I knew it was the one I wanted to make. I like that it has the pop of turquoise. When the top was done, I still had LOTS of fabric left. So, I decided to piece the back also. While I was working on the quilt, whenever anyone asked what I was working on, I would say “big orange”. That’s how it got its name.

Grandma Mary’s Five Patch

Pieced and quilted by Bobbi Sonnenberg
Design: Grandma Mary’s Five Patch

While on a trip this summer to Rochester, MN, I found a quilt shop that featured a line of Minnesota-themed fabrics for their Shop-Hop. They included cute phrases such as “Uf-Da, and “You Betcha.” I already had the dragonfly backing fabric, and that led to using that motif for the quilting pattern.

Romantic Picnic Quilt and Tote

Pieced and quilted by Eileen Hayes
Kit or Pattern:“Town Square Quilt” from Harriet Hargraves

This quilt and tote were a wedding gift for a young cousin Sean and his bride Lindsay.  The tote held the folded quilt and plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Beige dragonflies are found in the lighter green fabric, and gold dragonflies are seen on the orange backing fabric.

Friendly Table Runner

Pieced and quilted by Sharon Visser
Kit or Pattern: Inspired by Pinterest

This is a table runner that I made for the silent auction of a friend for her charity. The fabrics were lying together on my work table. They were left overs from another project and appeared to me to bless each other with grace. So I looked on Pinterest for ideas and came up with what you see in the pictures.

My Choice

Pieced and quilted by Beth Couch
Original design with a classic Sister's Choice block

Curvy Borders & Blocks Quilts

Pieced and quilted: Donna Mae Norris
Kit or Pattern: Donna Mae Norris

I designed this quilts and I did teaching onthis for many years all over Colorado. I still have the pattern for it.

Mini Dresden Plate

Pieced and quilted by Terry Hellmer
Pattern by: Eleanor Burns Signature A Quilt in a Day Company

The Mini Dresden Quilt was made with nine different shabby chic fabrics. The plates were made using a 2 inch template. The quilting was done on my domestic machine.

My Favorite Scraps

Pieced and quilted: Kathryn Welch
Pattern: Color Block Quilt – Allison Harris

A scrappy quilt using offset log cabin construction. Quilting is done with decorative stitching. A good way to preserve your favorite scraps!


Katie's First Quilt

Pieced by: Katie Creech
Quilted by: Katie Creech

Katie and her big sister, Kelly, along with two friends took a quilt class at Patchworks in 1991-92. The teacher was Donna Mae Norris. Katie is now 34 years old and has made two more quilts. Katie lets me keep this quilt at my house so I can look at it whenever I want.

Flowers for Friends

Pieced by: Debbie Norton
Quilted by: Debbie Norton
Pattern: Double Pinwheel

Emily's Hen House

Pieced by: Sharon Kaiser
Quilted by: Paula Stout
Pattern: "Chickens" Cluck Cluck Sew Company

Made for our daughter, Emily Kruchten. She has decided to raise chickens and sell eggs along with her children, Bailey and Wyatt. Her “chickens” even have names – Rhonda and Roxie! Gave her the quilt in August for her birthday and she loves it. My challenge was deciding how to use all the “chicken” material I had gathered along the way!! Pieces,pieces, and more pieces!!


Pieced by: Nancy Jackson
Quilted by: Nancy Jackson
Designer: Connecting Trends

Years ago at a LQG silent auction I got the kit which included everything needed to make the quilt. material, thread, batting etc. Was in my stash of projects for years. Over a year ago at quilt sew days and bees I cut and assembled. Used my featherweight to sew. Another year later I used my Bernina to quilt. I added sunflower front and back and quilted in a star burst.

Garden Daydreams

Pieced by: Diane Arnett
Quilted by: Diane Arnett
Pattern "Daydream Blossoms"

This is the most black I have ever used in a quilt and I have to admit it just makes the panel pop. The weaving in the corners was a fun way to break up the black. The biggest challenge was quilting all of that black space. I wound up stitching in the ditch and continued those weaving lines across the black. I used free-motion quilting around all the flowers and words and ruler work inside all the blocks.