2022 Quilt Show Entry Form

Please fill out a separate form for each quilt.

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Rules and General Information

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Quilt Entry Details - Each quilt should have a separate entry form

IMPORTANT - due to rack size limitations, no quilt over 110x110 will be accepted for the show. The following information will be printed as you have entered it, and displayed next to your quilt at the show.
Remember - Only one quilt per category per exhibitor
Tell us about your quilt. What inspired you to make it? Why are you proud of it? Be sure to give credit to any patterns, classes, teachers, workshops, etc. Limit 100 words

Your preference for entry

Relative to ALL of your entries, please rank this quilt as to your preference for it to be included in the 2022 Quilt Show. If so many quilts are entered that they cannot all fit into Barn A, your rankings will be used to determine if this quilt will be included in the show. First choice means this quilt is your most desired quilt to be in the show, while second choice means this quilt is your least desired quilt to be in the show. If you have entered into the Mystery Quilt category, this category has limited entries.

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Thank you for your entry! It's going to be another great show!