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Whole cloth or pieced, the quilt shall be made by sewing machine and quilted on a mid-arm or long-arm machine and was quilted by the piecer or a non-professional quilter. Quilt must have a perimeter of 240” or more. A typical entry would be a quilt which was quilted not by a professional, but on a private long arm machine.


Pieced By     Debra Stebbins

   Quilted By    Sheryl Highsmith


Sparrow Quilt along by Pen and Paper Patterns. I choose to have a rogue Sparrow. Fun Pattern.


In The Forest

Pieced By     Heather Lundquist

Quilted By   Heather Lundquist


In The Forest is pieced from a printed panel that has been cut to become the centers of blocks of a 2015 eQuilter free pattern “Sounds of the Woods.” When assembled, the blocks reconstruct an approximation of the original panel. The quilting pattern of leaves, trees and the eagle are intended to mirror the images of prints in the fabrics and panel.

My Blue Ohio Star

Pieced By     Sandi Harmon

                         Fern McFarland

Quilted By   Sandi Harmon


My mom had this pretty blue floral fabric that she wanted showcased in a quilt. I was looking at Pinterest and found an Ohio Star quilt in red and white and decided to modify it and make it with the blue and white floral fabric. I cut the fabric and my mom pieced it. Then I quilted it on my long arm.

Spring Time

Pieced By     Fern McFarland

                          Quilted By   Sandi Harmon


This quilt was an interesting design challenge. My mom had panel fabric that included four different abstract art flowers that were irregularly framed with yellows, grays and blacks. I decided that each panel print needed to have a border of one yellow fabric to unify them, and then put it together with a black background. I arranged the 6 blocks so that the quilt wasn’t too long or wide that it would be difficult to hang on the wall. This arrangement created a center area where my mom made a paper-pieced block. I quilted it on my long arm.

Hunter Star

Pieced By     Wenda Lewis

Quilted By   Wenda Lewis



Variable Hunter Star from Hunter Star Quilts & Beyond by Jan Krentz.

Star in a Star

Pieced By     Paula Ball

     Quilted By   Wenda Lewis



I saw this star but thought it needed more so I repeated the star in the middle then put the ribbon border on it.  I enjoy making up my own patterns or taking on what I like and changing it so it my design.

Modern Block-of-the-Month

Pieced By     Monique Plamondon

                     Quilted By   Rebecca Ivanova


In 2018 I participated in a Block-of-the-Month challenge with a modern twist. I like fall colors so I chose this palette for my quilt. The challenge allowed me to explore new blocks and how to assemble them.  For the back of the quilt, I used trimmings and remnants from the fabrics used on the front.  These included some “flying geese” that were too small for the intended block and many triangle trimmings from the block making process.”


Pieced By     Heather Lundquist

Quilted By   Heather Lundquist


The Hunter Star or Orion Star blocks are fascinating as they intersect into secondary patterns and become an amazing visual dance. The effect of the snow-dyed fabrics add to a sense of movement of celestial bodies in that dance. Imagine all the movement and color as you look into the night sky.