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Patriotic themed quilts, a minimum of 55” x 65” and a maximum of 72” x 90”. All quilts entered in this category must be donated to a recognized Veterans Program.

Here's Waving at You

Pieced By     Debra Stebbins

  Quilted By   Sheryl Highsmith


This flag like waving illusion quilt is made with all batik fabrics and the wave illusion is created by a turned fold stitched into the pattern. The Stars are created by folds of fabric as well but have been stitched closed.


Pieced By    Marie Powell

Quilted By  Marie Powell


Not all that serve in our armed forces are human. There are many specially trained dogs that serve along side of our soldiers. Because of their dangerous situations, some have been wounded or even killed in the line of duty. The dogs and their handlers start out as a team, but then become family members. Thank you ALL for your service.

Mountains of Stars

Pieced By     PJ Sylvester

  Quilted By   Celine Dalton


This is a challenge quilt for the Bee Sew Brave bee. I chose this pattern, Starlight Mountains by Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations because I feel it goes well with the challenge fabric. Following the quilt show, it will be donated to a veteran.

Never Forget

Pieced By     Debbie Norton

                          Quilted By    Terry Tillmann


This quilt will be donated to the Veteran’s Community Project and one of 26 tiny house recipients thanking them for their service.

Patriotic Poochs

Pieced By     Debra Stebbins

    Quilted By   Susie Q’s Quilting


This quilt was actually a challenge quilt from 2019 for the Bee Sew Brave Bee. I’m just a little late in completing it. All of the dogs in the pattern are specially cut and placed in the blocks. Pay close attention to the quilting. Look for the bones.


Pieced By     Marie Powell

Quilted By   Marie Powell


The LeMoyne Star was the 2020 Be Sew Brave challenge. This quilt has already been given to a very deserving veteran. Daniel Dennison served in the Air Force from 1964-1968 as a helicopter chief. After returning home, Dan worked as a mason contractor in CO and surrounding states building amazing structures. Dan also served his community of Platteville as a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, followed by a Public Works Official for the town of La Salle for 5 years and 13 years in Mead. Thank you Dan, for your service to your community, town and country.


Pieced By     Debbie Norton

                          Quilted By    Marilyn Lange



This quilt will be donated to the Longmont “Veteran’s Community Project”.


Pieced By     Paula Ball

     Quilted By   Marie Powell


This quilt was made with a challenge fabric. Those that wanted to make a quilt for BEE SEW BRAVE Military Outreach received a yard of fabric to use in their quilt. I made mine to give to the Tiny House Project. It will go to a Veteran that will live in the Tiny House Project

Tribute To A Veteran

Pieced By     Von Yetzer

Quilted By   Von Yetzer


This quilt is part of Bee Sew Brave’s Military Honor Quilt Challenge. Each Bee member used the same fabric as part of a quilt that they created. This is my entry. The quilts will be donated to Veterans Community Project, to be used as housewarming gifts for veterans moving into their new Tiny House Village.

An Overdue Thank You!!

Pieced By     Sharon Kaiser

Quilted By   Sharon Kaiser



My gift to my husband for his service in Vietnam. So many other returning Vietnam Veterans received little or no recognition for their service. This was the first quilt I made for the Bee Sew Brave group!!