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Every year we usually represent a special project in which members within our guild have participated. This year we are highlighting ‘Scott Flannigan’ Quilts. During the quarantine of 2020, Scott offered a virtual class that many of our member participated in. Scott is a Longmont native and a member of our guild and will be a LQG speaker and workshop teacher in March 2021.  These entry quilts may be of any size and follow one of Scott’s patterns, and be made in 2019, 2020, or 2021.

Radiant Dreams

                             Pieced By     Von Yetzer

Quilted By   Donna Smith


When we were stuck at home because of COVID, Scott Flanagan created a Building Blocks Sampler Sew-Along to keep us involved. Over twenty LQG members participated in the project. A Facebook page helped keep us in contact, provided a forum for questions/answers, and displayed everyone’s progress on their quilt. No two quilts were alike, so it was fun to see the different color palettes and styles. Originally, I made this quilt for my guest room, but I liked it so much that we had to repaint our master bedroom so that the quilt can go on our bed.

Charmed, I'm Sure

Pieced By     Susan Erickson

                           Quilted By   Donna Smith


It was 2020, we were in lock down. Scott Flanagan’s Building Blocks Sampler caught my eye. A crew from the Guild were making it and set up a Facebook group. That was all the encouragement I needed. I did not have enough Batik yardage, but I had bright Charm Squares. I designed and cut templates to get the pieces required out of the Charms. Trying to keep up with some of the more dedicated quilters kept me on track. Donna Smith quilted Charmed, I’m Sure for me.

Delightful Batiks

Pieced By     Mary Ann Watson

Quilted By   Mary Ann Watson


I bought the pattern when Scott made his first presentation to LQG meeting. The pattern “Tropical Storms” was chosen by my husband when I asked what he wanted for our bed. I spent over a year collecting the many batiks and loved working with them. I machined pieced and hand quilted this quilt which we use daily. The Snails Trail block is a favorite of mine and was a challenge to make. The Chain blocks were a nice break from the others. I love it because I can choose from the many colors to decorate the rest of my bedroom.

A Purr fect Sampler

Pieced By     Debra Stebbins

    Quilted By    Susie Q’s Quilting


This quilt was a monthly sampler completed along with other members of the guild under the careful instruction of Scott Flanagan. I called it a Purrr fect sampler due to the fabric on the back.

Building Blocks Sampler

Pieced By     Scott A. Flanagan

Quilted By   Scott A. Flanagan



I designed the “Building Blocks Sampler” To be a skill builder project helping students master quilting basics from 4-patches, to Half Square Triangles, to Quarter Square Triangles, to the dreaded Flying Geese Unit, and finishing up with Quilt Assembly and Borders! This is my teaching Sample that I worked on along with the all the participants Over the Summer of 2020..

Building Block Sampler

Pieced By     Nancy Clair

  Quilted By   Donna Smith


I made this quilt during the shutdown from Scott Flanagan’s block of the month. I used all scrap material except the last border and back.


I Didn't Want a Big Quilt

Pieced By     Teresa Creech

                   Quilted By    Lorilynn King


I’ve always wanted to make a Scott Quilt but never found the time, until now. This project came along, a bunch of friends were participating, so I thought “why not”. I knew from the start that I didn’t want to make a big quilt so (shhhh, don’t tell) I took a few liberties with the pattern.